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Trouble with plants!!

May 6, 2014

It was been a strange couple of weeks with regard to my vegetable plants. If I did not know better I could believe that someone was having a game with me. I have had spinach  coming up where I planted cucumbers and grass where I put in the courgettes seeds! Even stranger the pepper seeds have not germinated at all. The runner bean seeds I put out in the raised bed in the garden have not germinated I dug up a couple to see what was happening and nothing is the answer to that. I will have to plant a load more in the greenhouse and try and catch up. I suspect the seed is poor quality although I bought a recognised brand, Julie is always telling me I start planting too early so maybe she is right and there is nothing wrong with the seeds!!

We are off to a chicken sale this evening hopefully have some luck in getting some bantam birds. They seem to be in short supply at the moment and our new chicken run is sitting there empty. Poor old Millie is still on her own and we are reluctant to get another big bird as she might bully it now that she is the boss. Have thought about getting some chicks and bringing them on but we would have to sort out heating and could end up with a load of male birds which would not be good. So nothing is decided yet.



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  1. Ray permalink

    Hi John,

    Having read your problems with seeds failing to germinate my past experience is that the main factors causing these problems are too low a temperature and being overgenerous with water leading to seeds rotting before germination and “damping off” following germination. Possibly you should consider an electrically heated propagator if you wish to be an early bird with your garden.

    Sorry to read about the demise of your egg layer. Concerning replacement(s) I recall my grandmother buying sexed day old chicken to avoid getting too many male roosters. However in the absence of mother hen they needed constant heating until they fledged. In my grandmothers days this consisted of paraffin fuelled heaters but now there are infra red electric heaters available for both pigs and poultry: mind the electric bill though.


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