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May 16, 2014

Such a busy week no time to go to work, just as well I am retired and can please myself!!


Think I will start with Tuesday, We had arranged to go to the Alpaca farm near Honiton to collect some 4-6 week ImageImageold bantam chicks. We set off at 10am as it is only about 12 miles away, Julie let me drive the new car which was kind of her! It goes very well and we are pleased with our purchase. Forget the cost!!!

We shot over the Blackdown hills, much faster than Julie would have liked and got to Honiton in good time unfortunately I did not bring the map or the satnav so shot off on the wrong country lane, thing about Devon is there are very few signs to let you know where you are so luck plays a big part in a journey, well mine anyway. We got to where we thought we should be. Our instructions to follow the sign for Horton (a hamlet) but the sign had been knocked off so logic dictated that if each lane led to somewhere else the one without the sign was the one we wanted! good thinking this time as a few yards down the lane we found the farm we were looking for.

Not quite what I expected as I had in my mind rows of chicken sheds with different breeds in each one but all the chickens were in one shed all mixed together, quite good fun deciding which ones to have in the end we bought 5 different breeds and colours. We think they are all female but not properly sexed yet as they are still very young, fingers crossed they don’t all turn out to be male!

I had finished building a large run and bought a new hutch for the new chicks but we decided they were to small it was too cold to put them in it so had to build a large box for them and buy a heater and they seem to be quite happy in the sun-house for the time being. I might let them have a run in the their new home over the weekend if I can get permission!

Yesterday, Thursday, was my birthday, yes have reached the big 70 not that I feel that old but there is nothing you can do about the advance of years, except that is enjoy every day, which I try to do.

In the afternoon we had to drive down to Exeter University for Julie to attend a job interview while I sat in the garden of the local Weather-spoons pub, huge garden and it was full of students enjoying the sunshine.

We got home around tea time, and yes Julie got the Job, which is great although it is not full time it is a start.




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