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May 18, 2014

Interesting times are with us. European elections in a few days and the general election just 12 months away. What  party to vote for?

Which candidate to back?

I for one will vote for the party that promises to get rid,cancel the HS2 project!!

Can’t think of anything more wasteful of the public finances that that and it is all to do with the wishes of the money people of London and a few cities in the north. What good would it do for the rest of the county? none is the answer. All the rail networks require a major overhaul, better and longer trains, that vast amount of money earmarked for HS2 would cover that with a lot left over. I find it difficult to understand the logic of the PMs who are backing it!


Anyway to more pressing matters.  who to vote for in the European elections is first on the agenda.

UKIP? no thanks, a bunch of nutters!

Conservatives?  no thanks, a bunch of undecided wasters .

Labour? no thanks, a bunch of losers.

Greens? uhm, not sure would like to vote for them but they don’t have much chance of getting anywhere.

others? not likely!!

So what then?

Shudder to think, I am all for staying in Europe but the waste of money on the EU is unbeleavable.

John H Wooler – still undecided, one thing is for sure I will cast my vote as is my right and to everyone else I would say absolute shame on you if you do not!!



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  1. Best return to the “rotten borough” and vote for the candidate that buys the most beer for the enfranchised on election day!

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