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May 23, 2014


For the last few days I have been unable to get onto the internet as the sky hub decided to stop working. It took several stressful hours on the phone get to the root of the problem which transpired to be two fold. The box had a fault and I  (admit to it) probably pulled out a cable I should not have!!

Anyway the upshot is that with the help of a very nice Scottish gentleman at SKY it is fixed, not only that I now understand how the system works and how all the cables (3 computers/multi room tv and several wifi tablets) are connected.

Am listening to the BBC broadcast re local election results while I type. Amazing how many of the MPs refuse to accept that they did badly in the elections. Every excuse under the sun except admit they are useless!! I usually vote Libdem but this time I went for the GREENS think it might have been a wasted vote as most people I know have voted UKIP, sort of protest I suppose. It will be a different matter when the general election comes around.

Still plan to vote for the party that promises to get rid of the HS2 project!!



Work on the garden has come to a bit of a standstill as everything that should be in the ground is and this weather is causing a growth spurt whereby it is almost possible to watch the plants grow. Some of the showers are really heavy and knocking the delicate plants over.

I think someone is having a bit of a joke with me as several times this spring I have planted something and found something else growing in its place when I next looked.

Take today for instance, went to check the pot of Asters that I planted from seed last week in the greenhouse only to find 6 marrow plants growing in the pot. Now who would do a dirty trick like that on me?? Julie and Amber are in the frame as no one else has access to the greenhouse. I will be directing the CCTV camera onto the spot but then maybe they are just too clever for me!!

The baby chickens are growing fast and seem to be eating all the time. They are supposed to be bantams but one of them is almost normal chicken size and hopefully it is not a male! They provide hours of fun and make good pets which require very little looking after.






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