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May 24, 2014

The weather men forecast heavy rain showers starting at 1 am this morning and they were right to within a few minutes. I had the window open and happened to be awake (not unusual) when I heard the rain, it got heavier and heavier and then I thought I heard the dog howling so got up to see to him. The sleepless nights we have had over the dog. Not his fault as he is 16 years old and that is old for a Jack Russell, trouble is his inability to sleep and all the problems with old age are affecting us all but we can’t bring ourselves to have him put down. (not yet)

It is now almost 4 pm and the rain shower turned into a continuous heavy downpour with no break since 1 am which means a lot of water it is a good job we had a long spell of dry weather before this and the ground had a chance to dry out.

the runner beans are enjoying the rain I am sure they have grown a foot since yesterday and the little chicks seem oblivious to the downpour.

I spent the morning sorting out the internet wiring, I bought some high quality Ethernet leads to improve the signal and speed up the system and it appears to have worked.

Time to watch the rugby final, come on Wilkinson!!



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