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May 28, 2014

Here we are almost reached the end of May and have to consider that the long hot summer that I was predicting had better start soon or we well be back into autumn!!

We have come to the conclusion that the weather center cannot be faulted when the weather is from the prevailing direction , that is from the west but the experts are finding it impossible to predict or calculate the forecast for weather from the east or south east as it is at present. The forecast at 7 a.m. this morning (just a few hours earlier) had rain across the midlands and London areas but dry with cloud in the west where we happen to be. It started raining shortly after 7 a.m. and got steadily heavier non stop still at 13oo, as I write,

I had plans for pottering in the garden but am on my backup plan of catching up with mail and writing this blog.

Tis a special day today our 12th wedding anniversary, I forgot all about it until Julie reminded me this morning shortly after I woke up, too late to buy a card or flowers. have to resort to the bottle of bucks fizz in the fridge as nether of us drink much anymore it will suffice. The saving grace of my forgetfulness is that Julie forgot as well!!. We will celebrate when she has finished the pressing work she has for the University  and hopefully take a few days off and go to the big city for a break.

Unbelievable where the time has gone, just realised it is five years since I went away for a holiday abroad! and the last few years have flown past.


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