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June 9, 2014

Must be the time of year as there is so much to do. No time for holidays, well no spare cash actually but that is a different matter.

Had roast dinner yesterday at Wetherspoons in Taunton, not the best meal I ever ate but not expensive. Gave us a chance to see some of the family and grandson Sam who has grown so tall and just passed his interview for the navy hope he gets through the rest of the initial process, not so easy to get in the forces as when I was a lad. I seem to remember being asked if I could read and write and sign here and I was in for 12 years!! Not these days as far as I can tell.

There was the most tremendous thunderstorm during Thursday night and the rain was as heavy as I can ever remember seeing, I thought all my garden plants would be beaten down but to my surprise there was hardly any damage, just everything I had left out was soaked through. Still waiting for a spell of dry weather though. Long hot summer where are you ??

I ordered a couple of Ethernet connectors about a month ago and they still have not arrived. I do get annoyed with some companies who are quick to take the money and slow to deliver the goods. Not a good excuse to say it has to come from China as I can sent a package to Australia and it will arrive within 5 days.

Have to say that Amazon have been amazing and I get most through them now. using ‘prime’ almost always next day delivery.


Everything is growing fast now and that  includes the grass, job to keep up with it. The new bantam chickens are calling at me they know when I cut the grass they will get a load of fresh cuttings.

The cucumber plants that did not show have all decided to grow and I have about twenty of them, handing out plants to the neighbors now  we can only grow so many, think I have 10 plants that are looking healthy. I lost three of them as I planted them next to the chicken run hoping to grow them up the netting but the chickens decided they could stretch their necks just far enough to eat the leaves down to the stumps.

Millie our large bird decided that she was bored and on Saturday came into the summerhouse where I was working to see what I was up to. I did not know she could fly until she landed next to me on the desk!!


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