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June 10, 2014

Of course we all have differing views on how we perceive the different political parties in this country but we still live in a place that is paradise compared with three quarters of the world. Having said that it won’t stop us complaining about our lot and quite right if we did not complain the uncaring and selfish people would get away with a more than they do.

I do have a problem with the very rich running the country though, of course this has always been the case, without money you could not afford to stand for election unless you had an extreme views supported by others i.e. UKIP

Take for instance today’s announcement (probably scare tactics) that speeding will attract a 10,000 pound fine! Can you imagine the effect of that on a working class family? The very rich would shrug it off and carry on speeding of course. The real answer to this problem is to ban motorists from driving for a month or a year whatever. That would be a punishment for the rich and the poor alike!!

I have to feel a bit sorry for poor old Cleggy trying his best to sit on the fence but winding the wind blowing from all directions. His best bet now would be to set out firm policies and plans for the next parliament and stick to them. For me that would be a firm commitment to cancel the  HS2 and build a better rail infrastructure, even re-nationalize the railway system. He might just win enough support to continue in a coalition government, hopefully with Labour.

the problem I see with Cameron and Milliband is that they both want to run with the fox and hunt with the hounds and it is not showing strong leadership.

As for the Tory party as soon as they get rid of Gove and his mad ideas the better for all concerned. I can see a reaction from the Muslem community who are mostly law abiding who will not stand for being bullied by him.

Finally why is the ban on plastic bags not coming into effect for another 18 months surly it could be brought in right away and save dumping a few million more bags into land fill?




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