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June 12, 2014

Yes I am afraid it is a the time for a bit of a bash over the mess that Taunton is in at the moment. Every road in the town center is a traffic bottleneck.Must be the worst town in the country for hold ups. I spoke to a delivery man yesterday and he was so fed up he traveled 100mtr in 20 minutes and is so behind on his deliveries.

The water company have dug up miles of road and the road construction people are digging up the roads that the water men didn’t have a go at.

Do you notice there are miles of cones and holes in the road but you hardy ever see anyone working. I lived in Hong Kong for a while and if there was a problem there they would have gangs of workers day and night and it would be sorted. Here there are a couple of men leaning on their shovels and having a chat and just a series of excuses and reasons as to why there is no sign of it getting better.

The other problem arising as a result of the congestion is the parking on the outskirts of town more and more motorists have taken to parking out of town and walking in so as to avoid the traffic jams. This has the knock on effect of reducing the parking available for visitors etc. so all in all the word is out stay away from Taunton!!



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