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June 13, 2014

Such a perfect day for not doing a lot. Clear blue sky and the temperature is around 28 deg at 11 a.m. so will no doubt get hotter by this afternoon.

Glad I put up the gazebo now as, dare I say it, too hot to sit out in the direct sun.

Not a day to complain about anything (so far)

I have ordered a tele converter for my telephoto lens in the hope that I can take it up to 1000mm but as it is quite cheap just £16

then I am not sure if it will do the job. used the ‘prime’ service on Amazon so should be here tomorrow, i do like that service it makes it far easier than trying to get into Taunton, not that there are any shops that could supply such a thing!!

I got a new app for my Samsung Galaxy this week as we are on the flight path of everything flying south it is interesting to know what aircraft they are and where they are heading, well interesting to me!.   Only cost £1.49 and I am well pleased with it, also got an additional app that gives me all airport departures and arrivals which is amazing technology.

I called in at Primark in town yesterday and they have a sale of winter hats, down from £4 each to 20p so I could not resist getting a couple, Julie said I look like a gnome in them but they will not laugh when the snow is falling and I am nice and snug in my new hat!


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