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June 17, 2014

How much can you believe of what you read in the newspapers?

I get the times and the Western daily Press each day and I can probably say that the western daily Press is mostly copying what has been reported elsewhere so would expect that to be fairly close to the facts but  I always gave it the benefit of the doubt as it had the reputation of being a ‘real’ newspaper. Whereas the SUN and Mirror would not get through my letterbox. I remember the days when Mad Maggie took away the Union rights of the GCHQ staff and the reporting in the SUN was so bad if it had not been so serious a subject it would have been laughable. Anyway it has never entered my house since and I am sure never will.

Back to the Times then if I believe the article today following the antics of the goon Gove his chum Wilshaw wants to fine parents for not attending parent evenings!! Have to think about that, I just wonder how many of the upper crust of the government actually attend parent evenings?? he talks about the days when he was a teacher well I can only say lucky for the rest of us that we never when to his school! Can you imagine poor people struggling to make ends meet worrying about attending a meeting of the well off teachers?

If I remember my time as a parent with school children, the parents of children going to these meetings sat for an uncomfortable couple of hours being lectured at and left none the wiser and wishing they had not bothered!!


In the garden

The weather forecasters have been a bit off this week promising clear hot days and what we got was cooler cloudy days. Today Tuesday is a bit better but the forecast is for more cloud for the rest of the week still at least it has been dry. There you see!! the other problem, now I have to water the plants several watering cans full for the greenhouse and a long hose for the garden, I did not moan did I? 


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