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Great Weather

June 25, 2014

Yes another day when the sun is high and very hot, 31 at 3pm today and we hit 33 degs yesterday which I am sure was the hottest day this year so far. i can’t complain if we have a couple of days of cloud and rain.

Well I did  not get far with yesterdays blog, not sure what happened but I am easily distracted these days. Have to make a real effort to sit and write. Life  have been a bit disrupted over the past few days as we had to take our old dog to the vet on Thursday and decided that he should be put down. Never an easy decision but I believe we did the right thing as he had dementia  and could not see well which made his life pretty miserable. Julie got him as a tiny puppy and he has been one of the family ever since so it will take a while to get over his not being around.

Last week we discovered that one of our chickens was a male and started crowing in the morning, as we live close to our neighbours we decided that having him crowing at the crack of dawn was going to cause problems in the long run so I am afraid he had to go before we got too attached to him. We are down to 4 bantams and one huge Orpington, Millie, who delights us with her intelligence and of course her egg producing. She came and sat beside me in the summerhouse earlier while I had a cup of coffee and read the Times. I have introduced her to the little bantams but I don’t feel I could leave them alone with her.


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