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June 27, 2014

That’s right after five weeks of amazing sunshine the weather has turned to continuous heavy rain and I did not mention that it is Glastonbury Festival weekend!! Almost guaranteed to rain at this weekend which gives me no excuse to stop me from getting my blog written and maybe even a chapter of my new book. Talking of books I have taken my book FOR KING AND CORNWALL off the Amazon kindle book sales as I want to go through it again and correct any little spell or grammar errors, someone commented that there were errors in the book and that upset me as I spent a lot of time and trouble making sure there were no errors. Someone once told me never to check your own work because you are sure to miss something and I think they had a point. Anyway it is a matter of pride, getting it right.

My word is it raining. Lashing down at the moment 10 a.m. Friday 27th June 2014. Chickens are huddled in one corner of their pen. Never understand why they don’t just go inside!! That is chickens for you. Talking of chickens we went to visit a chicken breeder yesterday and came away with two hens, they are Araucanas¬† a rare breed and are a blue grey colour who lay blue or green eggs, now that will be interesting I think they will be ready to lay in another month or so. Our intention was to get a couple of Pekin Bantams but I took a liking to these and hopefully I can tame them down and get them to settle into their new home.


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