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July 7, 2014

As I have said before being retired is so tiring I never seem to have enough time to get everything done.

I contacted the person that we bought our chickens from and asked if he would be prepared to exchange a couple of male birds for hens as I bought 5 in total expecting them all to be hens and 3 out of the 5 turned out to be male. Anyway he was a decent chap and agreed to exchange two of them and we went over on Saturday to sort out a couple of new birds. He has so many to choose from it was difficult to decide but in the end we got two young Pekin hens on is almost pure white and the other black with white speckles, they have been named “Goose” and “Wiggy” I have nothing to do with naming them!
Now that the male birds have gone you would expect peace and harmony among the birds but not a bit of it. The two eldest are bullying the rest and the Araucanas are bullying the new little ones, we were told to just let them get on with it as they will sort themselves out but we don’t like to see the bullying so I have built patricians to keep them apart for a few days.
The one great thing that has happened is we are getting a proper nights sleep at last, for months it was the dog causing the problem and once he was gone it was the male chickens. Now at last no noise, amazing what a difference it makes, I still get up at six in the morning but that is because I want to not because I have to!

Heavy rain this afternoon, the met office got it right today with a forecast for
heavy showers for the next few hours. I am pleased that I bought a tarpaulin to cover the chicken area last week when it rained the ground got really churned up and took ages to dry out.


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