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July 12, 2014

That can’t be true! but then every so often even grumpy people have to have a day off, sure something will happen to change my mind.


I spent yesterday constructing a dividing gate to stop the older chicks bullying the little ones but while I was doing that they all started to get on well together and today I don’t need the gate.

Our big chicken Millie is allowed to wander freely as she is to big to fly and has seen off cats and magpies but she keeps coming into the kitchen at every chance looking for the dog food but as the dog has been gone for three weeks there is only cat food about and that is not nearly as good, she just stands and moans at me as if to say come and get me something. I had a sausage sandwich a couple of days ago and the chicken was looking at it so I gave her a taste to my surprise she loved and it would have eaten the lot. Amazing what they will eat!!


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