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July 17, 2014

First chance for several days to find time to sit and type.

Had a houseful of females, why is it they can all talk at once and yet still hear what each are saying?

the family gathered to go to Exeter University for my wife Julie’s Graduation day.

It was a great day out as the weather was not too hot but pleasantly warm and dry and the university made a great effort to put on a friendly face to the families and graduates. They supplied complimentary champagne and light refreshments which is always going to be popular.

Julie was one of the first to be presented and almost caught me out as I did not have the camera ready, bit of a panic but I managed to catch her just before she went off the stage. I was not aware that those receiving Doctorate degrees would be the first up.

Fortunately the whole event is available on the internet so anyone can watch it later.

After more than four years Julie can call herself Dr. Julie Wooler and her thesis was “Exploring the Potential of Social marketing to Encourage Sustainable tourist Behaviour in South West England”  and is over 105,000 words long, so not a light read but worthwhile if you are in that field of work.

We went to Exeter on the train and came back the same way just as well we did not drive as the champagne was flowing well!

Tuesday the forecast was for heavy rain so I put everything under cover and waited for the downpour which did not happen it clouded over and then cleared up. Suppose the met office is allowed a day off occasionally.

On Wednesday I went to my son’s house to help cut down a small tree that was cutting out the light to the kitchen. Surprising how much leaf there is even on a small tree and it took most of the day to cut it up and get rid of it. Youngest son Matt is here for a holiday so we used him and expertise with a chainsaw to make life easy for us.

Now Thursday with the visitors gone and family in town it is very quiet, oh almost forgot the test match has started. Right, too busy now to sit in front of the computer!!




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