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Super summer

July 23, 2014

Got to say this last few weeks have been great if you like the sunshine and warm weather that is and of course it makes it better when the weather forecast is for it to continue. Quite hot this afternoon 30o C but don’t think it will pass yesterdays high of 33.2oC in the afternoon. I have a weather station in the back garden and it records on my computer all the weather parameters. The warmest this summer was 33.5oC on one day last week.

I think we are in for a bumper harvest in the garden as the heavy showers intermingled with long hot sunny days has made everything grow like crazy, cut the first marrow this morning and there are about six more almost ready but as I am the only one in the family that likes it I will probably end up giving most of them away, anyone like marrow??

Runner beans are ready to pick and have 1.5 lbs in the bag so far. I like to pick them early or they get a bit tough. picked a bowl of blackberries yesterday, sure they are not supposed to be ready until September?

Just remembered a moan!! Last night at just after midnight a flock of screeching seagulls (gulls) probably never seen the sea! Anyway they came over the house and flew towards the park far too loud to sleep through and they continued to circle until daylight at around 4.30 a.m. Now can anyone explain how they manage to fly at night when most other birds are sleeping, I wonder if they can navigate by the street lights and all the light pollution around!! I can’t believe they are protected birds someone should shoot a few few thousand a day and in a year or too they will be back to being seagulls!



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