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July 24, 2014

Never have a problem with being bored when you are retired or at least that is what I have found.

Julie had to go to Exeter University this morning so I went along for the ride, well actually we drove to the station and caught the train instead of driving as it was so hot we did not fancy an hour in the car even though it has air conditioning. With my senior citizen pass a return ticket is £7.40 which I don’t think is too bad and is a saving of about £4.

The walk up from the station to the University is a bit of a challenge for me as it is extremely steep and the old ticker was telling me to have a rest. it was still quite early so we avoided the hottest part of the day. talking of which yesterday 23rd July was the hottest of the year so far with 34.2 o C on the weather station.

today Thursday is getting there though back in the garden it is almost 32 oC and still only 1 p.m.

Have spent the last half hour slicing runner beans have bagged two pounds so far and looks like another half a pound to go of the ones I picked today. I see there is another marrow needs picking off to see if any of the neighbours want one!

A hah is that a screaming I can hear from outside? of course school holidays are here, no, far be it from me to ever complain about children enjoying themselves in the garden! screaming is part of it – thinks, I wonder what time they go to bed!!

Can’t get away from the TV today as i am a great fan of the Commonwealth games watching the Triathlon now great to see the English girls get gold and bronze in the ladies race.

33.1 o C already 3pm so could be the hottest day yet!


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