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July 30, 2014


Now when did seagulls become nocturnal?

For the last few nights a huge flock has flown over our roof and calling to each other all the while, then they turn around and fly back again!!

The noise is horrendous and it is such a big flock it seems to go on for ages. We have had the windows open because of the very warm weather but the penalty has been interrupted sleep at least three times during the night. Would it be possible to have a national cull of seagulls and get rid of say a million. Just think how many more fish there would be for us (at least from the seagulls that go to sea that is) It would stop them attacking people on the seafront as well. Yep great idea national cull the seagulls week!!

Anyway back to reality, if we can’t have a cull then it will have to be Tuesday night is close the windows night and suffer the warm room. Now morning and I can say it worked did not hear a single seagull after 10pm and clocked up at least 6 hours sleep which is good for me, as a result today Wednesday I am fit for anything (well within reason!)


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