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Summer rain

August 1, 2014

First of August and the first rain for quite a while. The forecast is for heavy rain but so far it has been quite light. I have got so used to being out in the garden that I have been wandering around wondering what to do next. Then I thought it is a good time to write a few lines of my blog and write a couple of letters that are well overdue.


First thing was to book a blood test at the local surgery. my doctor has written to me telling me to arrange another test as my readings from the last one were a bit off the normal. So rang the reception and was told that the next available appointment is in September, more than six weeks away! When I queried it I was told that that is the soonest I could get. I had to sit down and think about this for a while. Suppose I had a problem that only shows up in the blood test. A six week wait for some people could be the difference between life and death and as I have a dicky ticker I might well have a problem that needs attention!

i had cause to go to the local hospital a few weeks ago and the doctor told me to go down to the blood department and get a blood test, no appointment, went to the department and waited half an hour and had the blood test. Four hours later the doctor had the results!!

So this brings us to the reason why people are going to A&E rather that their doctor and can see it as one

good reason. Where is the problem? I believe the surgery is reluctant to spend money on another nurse to collect blood as they have one dedicated person. From my observations the one they have  is not overworked! Could it be something as simple as a computer generated system where the computer is not giving the right information on vacant times etc.? well whatever it is certainly not good enough and they will have to sort it out quickly. Who should I contact next about this? hmm have to think about that!!


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  1. Ray permalink

    Change your surgery, go private or leave the UK John.

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