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August 4, 2014

Who said that?

Not me that is for sure. A good moan gets it out the system, the secret is not to let a moan get a hold on you so that it becomes an obsession and then causes you to do things that you later wish you had not!!

Well I know what I am talking about even it it makes no sense to anyone else!

I remember once when my children were about 3 and 5 years old, I walked them to the park with there little trike things and on the way back I let them race around the concrete area outside the group of garages that were there for the residents. All at once a lady about 50 or so years of age   came out of one of the houses and started ranting on at me about the noise my children were making. Well I was not very polite and amongst other things told her to be a bit more tolerant. She went back inside and slammed the door. I did not think any more of the incident until a couple of weeks later another neighbour happened to stop me and say “wasn’t it sad about the lady in 44 she died yesterday, it seems she had a brain tumor that was inoperable and she was in constant pain”

More than 40 years on I still think of that woman on occasions and still wish I could say sorry!

Last night just after midnight several cars pulled up opposite and then a taxi. People got out and slammed the car doors then others came out of the house and got in the cars and slammed the doors, could not have shut it properly slam it again!. Then the taxi driver sat with the engine running on the pavement outside my house. Then others came out eventually and got in and slammed the doors once again, oh yes I forgot it was one of them with a sliding door so the driver got out his side slammed his door then slammed the sliding door shut them got back in and slammed his door shut. Did I make a fuss of course not live and let live I say!!


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