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August 25, 2014

August 25th and after a couple of reasonable weeks the weather has reverted to type and produced a typical British August bank holiday. Heavy rain with a forecast of a lot more to come. Still to look on the bright side it will give me the chance to catch up with my writing, get the blog written having neglected it for a week or more. I am still finding the days too short to get everything done I want to before I become too tired to bother.

We would have gone down to Cornwall to enjoy the Bude Lifeboat day which is a tradition I have always enjoyed but after seeing the forecast we decided not to bother. Wandering around the stalls and sitting on the beach in the pouring rain is not something I would really go for and of course we have the new puppy to keep us entertained.

We bought two more chickens and exchanged the Aracudas for a couple of bantam Pekins as they were not settling in with the rest and attacking the other chickens at every chance. Hopefully peace and calm will return to our garden!


SALMON-FAVOURELLES-for-webSALMON FAVOURELLES new addition to the family

DSC_0065ROSIE the other new addition to the family

Have to have a little grump! Do you find it frustrating when the driver in front of you refuses to use there indicators or uses them at the wrong time. Take yesterday for instance. Smart black Audi in front of me in a lane with a turn right only sign driver using his indicator. pulls across the road and turns next left without using the indicator!! And the other irritation, how often are you behind someone who has a break light not working? Probably one in 10 which goes to show how few of us check our lights before we go out if ever!



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