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September 19, 2014

What a morning!

17th September 2014 and the Scots reject the chance for independence! I wonder what their ancestors would make of that seeing as they fought for independence for about 200 years without success. having said that I do believe that even with the NO vote they have wrung enough out of Westminster to satisfy almost everyone. I had to wake myself up a couple of times overnight to listen to the results as they came in. Although not obvious to most it was in fact an historic vote and victory for democracy in this world of bullies and intimidation.

Also a change in the weather, It started raining at about 7am and we have not had rain for a very long time. I went to let out the chickens and had to collect about a dozen huge slugs that the rain had brought out no doubt later there will be as many again.

Strange really that the chickens will gobble up as many snails as they can get but they will not touch the slugs. Must be something toxic in them that is even to horrible for chickens who will normally eat anything and everything. Well most chickens mine are a bit spoilt as I have been giving them a treat of meal worms and now they are calling every time they see me. Have to get them back on normal food as the meal worms are very expensive.

Puppy is driving me mad. Chewing everything and this morning she discovered that she can jump up onto the settee which was not in our plan. We can’t really complain about her as she is now sleeping from 10pm until around 6am and as the mornings get darker I am sure she will sleep even longer. She is making friends with the chickens although the boss chicken ‘Millie’ will peck her on the nose if she gets to excited. Of course we have to keep them apart with a strong fence, there is no way we could let a puppy in with the little bantam chicks, can’t imagine the chaos she would cause.

It is now gone 11 am and the forecast was for clearer weather this afternoon. It is still bucketing down so hope they are right I am not used to being stuck in the house. Of course it gives me the chance to catch up with the blog. Have really neglected it recently. I can’t seem to sit at the computer once the sun is out!

Just received the reminder for the car tax another £145 and it will be strange not having a tax disc to put in the windscreen.

Hope they have thought it through properly as I can see a lot of people trying to dodge paying, I don’t believe the police willhave the time or inclination to keep checking vehicles for unpaid tax



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