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Off to London to see the lights!!

December 12, 2014

DSC_0042 (2)

Wife and I decided that we needed a break as I had not been away from Taunton for so long I can’t remember. We always enjoy going to London so we thought this time of year would be a good time to go as I could get some good pictures of the lights and any luck the weather would be good for



Julie on the calbecar 2014

I fancied going up the Shard but Julie was not too keen not liking heights

so I managed to convince her that the cable car over the river was not very high and she could enjoy that experience. Did not tell her in advance that it was 90 meters (300 feet) at the centre. Anyway she was very good kept her eyes closed most of the way while I got some great shots of the London landscape. we were so lucky with the weather as well the one day we went was the only sunny day of the week and visibility was as far as you could see.


The London eye in the evening is always going to make a great photograph

oxford st dec 2014

The crowds in Oxford Street have to be seen to be believed and the Christmas lights were spectacular.

It would not be the the daily Live of Mr Grump without a good moan and I think I have a right to. The railway yes the good old railway, old being the term best used for Great First Western trains. Great could be used in the name but does not reflect the state   of the trains. We booked tickets in the quiet carriage, which was fine as passengers were concerned but the door between carriages was stuck open and one of the windows would not stay up letting cold air and noise into the carriage. We concluded that the trains were refurbished from the 1960 stock and would be surprised if this was not the case. The temperature went down and we had to put our coats over our legs to keep warm. I asked the ticket collector if he could do anything about it and he was not really interested and said the temperature was set and he could do nothing about it.

Julie went to the toilet and put soap on her hands only to find there was no water supply. Hands covered in soap she had to try and dry them on the towel !! Not good Great First Western!! Not good at all.

Anyway we have good memories of our time in London must do it again sometime.


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