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Long Rest

April 26, 2015


I have had a break from writing a blog since the New Year Can’t really explain why just could not get going but now I think I am ready to get going again.

My wife,Dr Julie decided to set up her own consultancy and I have been assisting her (annoying her) in setting up a website I have to admit I am somewhat out of date and touch with the modern programs so best to leave it to her, anyway it is done and she has her business in operation.  is the site to visit, well if you have anything to do with tourism that is!!

I have been busy walking the dog, taking pictures and sitting in the sun during this wonderful period of weather we have been having in Somerset. I don’t think we have had more than a shower of rain during the whole of April and it has been great.

We have found a number of new walks out and around Bishops Hull and are appreciating our environment a lot more now that we have to take our dog for long walks. She never gets tired not like me but I have to say I am a lot fitter and I do believe my lung capacity has improved.

We found a great new series of footpaths along the river Tone towards Hillfarance village some five or six miles round trip which is great as it is all along the flat with no hills.

This blog will be a bit of a mix as I intend adding items as and when I think of them so they might not be in strict cronical order.

I acquired a new keyboard with my new computer ( yes I am keeping up with technology, well sort of.

I got a very nice compact PC from ACER but it has windows 8.1 on it and it is a swine to use. God knows who ever designed it gone from quite a good windows 7 back about 10 years with child like pictures  and hidden items which make it quite user unfriendly – don’t get it if you have a choice wait until windows 10 comes out which I understand will return windows to what we, the users, want!!

Oh yes I was talking about the keyboard, it has shallow keys and as a touch typist my fingers keep running to the wrong keys so I will be on the look out for something better very soon.

I bought a new camera a Samsung Galaxy 100 which has a 21 times optical lens and is a lot lighter than my DSLR but of course like all the modern cameras apart from the DSLR,s it has not got an eyepiece so I can’t line it up on the object and if it is bright sunlight forget it worse than useless. Why have they all gone down that road so user unfriendly. I saw a kingfisher yesterday but the camera focused on the nearest object which was a branch and all I got of the bird is a blur. Back to my trusty Nikon tomorrow!.

Thursday night we let the dog out at 1.30am as she was barking and she raced up the garden barking like mad so in an attemp to avoid waking all the street I went up after her with my torch, there in the corner was a large hedgehog curled up in a ball and grunting its displeasure. Rosie was was going bananas so I picked it up in a towel and put it out the front where it could wander off. Sorry neighbours!!

Now I will try and add a couple of pictures if I cock it up I could be a while!

Have inserted a couple of pictures of the river Tone in spring time and Dr Julie at a London conference but don’t seem to be able to put them in the right order, well I am getting past it!!




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