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MAY 2015

May 4, 2015

Two weeks of great weather, maybe a little cold at night but can’t complain about that (who said that?)
For some reason I seem to be getting busier as I get older instead of the other way around. I have rejoined the CSSC committee which I left last year and am writing and distributing the newsletter once again and running the cricket tickets for members. Not that I mind I quite enjoy being involved but it is time consuming and days fly by when you get older, problem is I still don’t feel old!!

I went to Wellington School last week to meet up with the lads who are taking part in this years Ten Tors event over Dartmoor. As I was on the very first Ten Tors in 1960 I was invited to talk to them about my experiences on that weekend 55 years ago (surly not – that would make me 70!!) Anyway I think they appreciated my little chat with them.

Ten Tors team with JWWellington school Ten Tors teem with John Wooler

I took along the certificate I was presented with and somehow it has survived since 1960. Strange that I can remember taking part in that trek but I can’t remember what I did yesterday!! getting old is a right pain


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