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May 6, 2015


The year is flying by and yes we are into may, you can always tell as the weather generally gets a lot worse and this year is no exception as it is lashing with rain and gusting up to 50 miles and hour. We still walked the dog this morning although she did not think it was fun and we got soaked enough to need to change when we got back. But we are not going to complain are we? not likely, last month was exceptional with a number of days where the weather was great, sitting in the garden just like summer. Talking of which only two weeks before we go on holiday must be at least 5 years since I have been away and the first year I feel fit enough to travel.

Anyway the good weather and low sun has produced ideal conditions for photography and I have been enjoying my walks along the river tone. Heading out of town the river footpaths are only known and used by local people, we were lucky enough to explore the area not far from our home and discover some great walks.




I have been trying to get a photograph of a kingfisher as I have seen one on a couple of occasions. Now I always take a camera with me I bought the Samsung GK100  as the rightup was good and the DSLR was heavy to carry a long way. Where was I , oh yes just about a mile along the river I spotted a flash of blue and green and got the camera ready as fast as I could , I crept into the area where I last saw it and spotted it on a branch about 30 meters away. just as I clicked the shutter it took off and as I had had the camera set on auto I got a great picture of a branch in focus and a fuzzy little bird in the background. The Samsung is a great camera but because it has no viewfinder it will never compete with the Nikon. So the next day I went back armed with the DSLR and set to manual with the 300mm lens I searched for the Kingfisher again. there it was a flash of blue and gone no chance to even lift the camera let alone focus it. I promise  myself I will get it one day!!


Yes it is there!! up in the right hand corner

One thing the new camera has got is a panorama facility I thought it might come in useful and it did when we had a rainbow normally you can only get a part of the rainbow in shot but with the panorama it takes a series of connecting shots and puts it together to give a continuous picture, very clever!!

rainbow 1 standard lens

rainbow panerama    Panorama option


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