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May 7, 2015

May 7th 2015 a very interesting day. The people of uk get to vote for a new government. I could way and get rid of the despicable last one but then that would be a personal view, what am I saying this is my blog!!

I do believe that the conservatives have been trying to reduce the national debt but they failed on that spectacularly as it is now more that it was when they started!! Not that any other party would have done any better as it is an unobtainable target.

Where they really upset me was on the attack on the poor and disadvantaged. The so called bedroom tax, now what is all that about? none of the people making this decision  would dream of moving house to allow a larger family in. How can they force poor council tenants to do that it is i moral.

Who decided to give the housing benefit (rent) to the tenants?? No one in their right mind would give money to poor people and expect them to hand it over to their landlord when they had no money for food causing even more grief when they became homeless

What about the crazy idea of building a fast railway to the north of the country! HS2 can u believe it a fast train for the rich businessmen when it has been my experience most businessmen like to spend more time on the train as it allows them to get on with business undisturbed for a few hours. That money could better be spent on upgrading the national rail system so that everyone gets the benefit.

£9,000 A Year to go to university, absolutely crazy! Putting thousands of young people into debt that some would neve afford to pay back.

An old saying comes to mind PENNY WISE AND POUND FOOLISH!!

I could go on but the day will be over before I finish my rant.

This day sends my mind back to the last election day. I remember it well as I suffered very uncomfortable indigestion all day and sat up all night to see the results. Drinking a bottle of wine and suffering all the more. Next day I went to the doctor who agreed that I had indigestion and gave me strong tablets. Nothing helped and I wandered around for four days before I could take the pain no longer and went to the hospital. Five minutes later I had been diagnosed as having a heart attack which had been rumbling on for days. I was admitted and had an angiogram and stents fitted. For some reason my body rejected them and I had further angiogram and more stents fitted and nothing worked so finally had to have a heart bypass. That is another story!!



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