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June 17, 2015

We got back from our holiday in Portugal 3 weeks ago now and the weather since our return has been colder than expected with strong winds blowing all day which kept the temperature down and caused us to keep wearing our winter clothes a lot of the time.

I have not written a blog for a month now not because there was nothing to write but the opposite I have been so busy that finding time to write has been difficult. I decided to try and write in the evening when I am resting, not sure if it will work as I sometimes find myself falling asleep, not surprising really, but I will persevere.

I ordered an Amazon Fire stick last month and it finally arrived last Friday, of course it would not fit my bedroom TV as it is a slightly older model and has not got an HDMI input. Never thought of that when when I bought the stick anyway not to be beaten I ordered a converter USB to HDMI and when it arrived this morning it was not the right one as apparently there are several connectors each with a different socket. So as a retired expert in computers and electronics cannot understand the spec. of the connectors how is it for other people buying these gadgets??

Not to be beaten again, I spent a couple of hours researching the input and output types and uses and eventually  reordered a different connector which should arrive tomorrow. I forgot to say why I am in need of a new gizmo’s to enable me to get a good choice of TV programmes. I received a memo from SKY telling me that my bill would be going up again. I realised that the cost of SKY had rocketed to the point where I felt I could no longer afford to continue with it. £116 for June! That has got to be far too much just to watch TV programmes. The only thing I miss actually is the sports channels and I can live without that to save the best part of £100 per month and there are lots of other options these days.

Looks like the weather is on the up so I am going to be positive and look forward to taking long walks with Julie and the dog, we have discovered some great walks along the river Tone heading west out of town. Not a lot of people head out this far so it is very peaceful and quiet.

Update on the TV connectors, new one arrived today and fitted okay but did not work, somewhat puzzled I sat an pondered over the problem. Ah yes it came to me (actually Julie had said something about it earlier) it was the TV. I thought it was quite a new TV but apparently it is several years old and I got it on the cheep so it was not an HD TV Now I feel a bit foolish as none of the connectors are ever going to make it HD ready. So plan C  I checked the TV in the summerhouse and that is an HD TV but it is only 19″ so I changed the TVs around and now have a smaller TV in the bedroom and a 32″ monitor in the summerhouse. Great for editing my pictures though and I can manage with the smaller TV for a while, anyway until I can justify buying another TV.

We dropped Amber off at the College as she is taking another GCSE exam today and went on to do a shop at LIDL . Am still amazed at how much money we save over shopping at Tesco e.g. sliced bread 55p in LIDL and £1.35 a loaf in Tesco.




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