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December 11, 2015

If just one in five households and businesses in  the country were to install Solar panels there would be no need for new power stations at all ever!!
You have to wonder why so called intelligent people do not understand these facts and this Governments has shown a dreadful lack of vision by cutting ‘feed-in tariff’ on Solar Panel installations at a time when climate change is such a current topic. They should be promoting solar energy not dissuading people from taking it up.
Following on from this it has to be said that the case for building a new nuclear power station at Hinckley Point or anywhere for that matter has not been proven.
If the government were to make a positive effort to promote solar power there would be no need for a new power station to be built. The facts speak for themselves; a new nuclear power station will produce 3,200mwt of electricity at a build cost of some £20 billion, take years to build and years of maintenance.
If half the proposed new built houses were fitted with solar panels (200,000) they would produce the same amount of energy. The same would apply if just one fifth of the houses in Somerset were fitted. The cost would be less, there would be no power cuts and every household would have virtually free electricity in the future.
The power station will have to be guarded against terror attack for all its 50 years of life, we will have to BUY the electricity produced from either the French or Chinese. There is always the risk of a catastrophic accident with a nuclear power station and at the end of its life it will cost £10 billon to decommission it and centuries of storing radioactive waste.
The technology of Solar panels will continue to be re-invented and improve over the next couple of decades out of all recognition and the cost will come down substantially.
Where is the logic in building power stations when we have the amazing sun ready to power our county for FREE?


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