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December 23, 2015

No doubt everyone is busy getting organised for the Christmas holiday. I have bought all I intend to buy for family and several bottles of wine and cider, not forgetting the sloe gin I bottled a couple of months ago. I must admit to having had a taste already as I had to check it was okay! Julie unfortunately has decided she did not think it was to her taste so I will have to consume most of it. Having said that I have decided to join my friend Dave and have a DRY January. Maybe the sloe gin will remain in the bottle for a while longer.

It was my intention to arrange to have the Sky multi room system back in the house for Christmas as they had a half price deal running but having gone through an hour on the phone sorting it out I discovered that I would have to have a new Sky + HD box (which I already have) at a cost of £249.

I tried to explain that I already have a sky + HD box but to no avail, anyway the upshot was I told them to forget it and hung up the phone.

We have been walking the dog ever day not even deterred by the daily lashings of heavy rain and wind but we have had to stop walking around the country park at Netherclay as it is knee deep in mud and no sign of it ever drying out.

Despite the rain and thick cloud I have managed get gather a few pictures of the birds in our area and the low sun, when it has been out has been perfect for photography.




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