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January 20, 2016

TYPHOON-1-FOR-WEBYes there has to be the question, why? Could we not try to look at the problem from another angle?
Almost 85% of the people arriving and departing from Heathrow and Gatwick are not heading or departing from London, they use these airports because in many cases they just cannot get to the destination from any of the regional airports. So, logically it would seem that the answer would be to make the airlines use the regional airports.
Let us look at Bristol for instance. This airport is mostly in open country in Somerset building a second runway would not cause anything like the impact on the population as would a London airport runway.
The roads and rail links are good but could be great with investment. Links from Bristol to Wales, the West Country and the Midlands and even the north are easier than from Heathrow and the journey by rail from Bristol to London takes just over an hour and even less with an upgraded rail service. On reflection this is not a lot of difference than trying to get from Heathrow to London.
This project would result in less people heading into London and ease congestion on the underground . The London airports would be able to run efficiently without having to build a new runway.
But then this is just my dream and far to logical for anyone in our government to consider, after all it is London or nothing!!


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