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January 26, 2016

I bought a new camera last year which is more like a computer than a camera as it has wi-fi and connects to the internet and all that entails. I bought it because it will fit in my pocket and be easier to cart around than my DSLR and it works fine up to a point that is. What is it with camera manufacturers these days that they think it acceptable to design cameras without an eyepiece? it is almost impossible to get an action shot and is always a compromise, worst of all is attempting to take a picture in zoom mode. There is no way to compare the results with a DSLR camera and my Nikon is amazing but with a heavy 75-300mm lens it is a bit heavy and I find I start to get a neck ache from the strap after a while. The results make that an issue I can live with.

This winter I have concentrated on getting some close ups of our native birds and winter visitors with some success. Here in central Somerset the blackbird is quite common as is the wren but they are very shy and not easy to get close to. This week I managed to capture both of them while out walking our dog.



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