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July 9, 2016


 I organised a trip to the annual air show at Yeovilton air base for members of the Civil Service Sports Club on Saturday.

It was a good day out apart from a couple of heavy downpours that came along around lunch time, it did not stop the flying or the enjoyment of the crowd. I don’t think there were as many people there this year as previous years probably because there are less aircraft available and the cost of the tickets has gone up a lot. I do believe the cost has to be taken into account and at £27 per adult makes it an expensive day out for a family.

The cost of food and drink is another issue. Ripping of the customers is never a good idea. £4.00 for a little tray of chips and £4.50 for a pint of beer, not good. Ice cream cone £2.50 don’t think they will sell that many!! Most of my party took their own food and drink and avoided the rip off.

The Red Arrows were as good as usual and the French pilots gave a great and noisy display but taking everything into consideration I don’t think we will bother next year. Then that is just my view of course.

 I did not take my DSLR camera but still got a couple of good shots with my SamsungG100 which is a quality camera even though it has not got a view finder. In the bright sunlight it is impossible to see what you are taking a picture of.

I never did understand why manufactures got rid of the eye piece. Crazy as in experience it has always been an advantage to see where you are going!



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