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July 26, 2016

This week I picked the first handful of runner beans from my garden. There is something unbelievably satisfying about picking the product of my hard work in  gardening and I never tire of watching nature at work as the seeds and plants develop almost by magic into the full grown fully developed vegetables and fruit

. Over the years I have lived in many places even other countries but wherever I have had the opportunity I have attempted to grow my own produce. You would expect that after so long, probably fifty or more years, that I would be good at it but not a bit of it, I manage to make the same mistakes as a complete novice probably more because I forget the basic details and curse myself for forgetting this and that. Not watering enough, watering too much, using the wrong compost. Planting too early, one of my wife’s observations each year I hear” right this year you will wait until April anything outside” . So what do I do in my impatience, yes on the first sunny and warm morning I manage to plant out my runner been seeds. I always plant plenty in the greenhouse so that I have enough if something goes wrong! sure enough when the seeds in the ground poke their heads out of the soil along comes a late hard frost and kills off most of them.

of course next year I WILL leave them until after the last frost!!

One observation I have made over the years is the changing of the seasons! I t is not my imagination for sure as this week I picked a bowl of blackberries and the bushes in the countryside are heavy with fruit. When I was growing up this was something we did in late September and through October never in July. The hazelnuts are fully formed and will be ready to pick in another month and the evenings are getting cooler, certainly not my imagination. Summer is now what we call spring and autumn is what we once knew as summer. Spring flowers are out around Christmas and we have lovely warm days in February.

Interesting! Well I think so!

2013-07-31 11.50.24-2



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