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July 29, 2016

I recall quite a few years ago now, must have been in the early 60s how we many of us thought that Nuclear Power would be the solution to our needs for centuries to come but as time and events have shown us this is not and never was the case.

The terrible accidents that have already happened and the potential for future accidents have brought the whole process into question. A new fear that has manifested itself over the recent years is the one of terrorism and the possibility of one of the power stations coming under attack has cast a shadow over the whole Nuclear programme. Hard to imagine the the outcome that just one rocket could produce, for a start the installation would be knocked out of action probably for years and of course the unthinkable of nuclear fallout over vast swathes of country.

One hidden cost of the new Power station at Hinckley Point has not even been mentioned and should be a major concern is of protecting the facility against armed attack. To protect such an area will require a small army of well trained and well armed police or soldiers, knowing our government’s desire to privatise everything, probably a private contractor, to make the site secure. Not only for now while it is under construction but for the next FORTY years. I estimate that a troop of about 20 men covering 24 hours and seven days a week will require five shifts to cover holidays and sickness  5 x 20 men works out at 100 staff on security duties continuously for a total of 50 years! What cost I shudder to guess at but no one can doubt it will be very expensive.

I strongly believe it is time for us as a county and government as the enabling force to consider the alternatives. Technology advances in solar power have and will over the next twenty years produce systems that will cost less , be more sustainable, ready to produce electricity instantly  and have no security implications.

I have estimated that if just half the houses in  Somerset (home of Hinckley point) were fitted with solar panels they would produce as much as a nuclear power station.

In addition if the government insisted that every new house built had a solar panel system fitted within twenty years we would  have somewhere in the region of another half a million systems producing electricity to the nation grid.

The only solution to our electricity needs has been with us all along, it is the SUN

Time to look forward not back!!



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