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September 17, 2016

Certainly a subject that has been discussed for many years and on reflection many would agree that the privatisation of the railways was probably one of the governments worse decisions ever.

With the passage of time we can see that the many sections that make up the railway of today has caused a disintegration of the network. Well to call it a network at all is not the word that should be used in this context.

What a day of joy it would be when the prime minister announced the re-nationalisation of the railways. A strong PM could do it but I am afraid what we have today is never going to make a decision on any matter let alone such as this.

The efforts of one company to force engine drivers to operate doors and be solely responsible for the train iis another matter where the minister of transport should move in and make a decision. The company is looking at the problem in totally the wrong direction. There should be more staff on the trains not less. Look at the way the coach companies have approached the problem. A great example is with Berries of Taunton. They have invested heavily in brand new vehicles, they provide an efficient service from Somerset to London at an affordable price. They have the driver and a courier. The couriers provides hot drinks and snacks and ensure every passenger is seated in there correct seats (something the railway companies  find difficult to achieve)

In my view each train should have a driver, a ticket inspector/seat organiser and a train manager to ensure the efficient running of the train. Carriages should have efficient areas for luggage, at present the room allocated for luggage is sufficient for four to six cases which is illogical when each carriage can hold more that 50 people, many of whom will have luggage. Coaches and aircraft all have luggage areas why not trains. Years ago we had a seperate carrage for luggage and cycles etc. The whole rail setup should be nationalised and rationalised into one quality unit. Take a lot of effort and money of course it will but it could be the envy of the world and better still provide a service for us the public!


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