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October 11, 2016

My wife Julie started a new job on Monday, after a long while looking the right opportunity came along.

This has made a great change in all our lives as now I have a lot more leisure time and Rosie the dog has had to get used to just me being around. Fortunately with me being retired she almost always has company which means she has the ideal life for a dog.

Each morning I take her for a walk in the countryside where we both get lots of exercise, she gets to have a swim and I get to take pictures of the birds and wildlife of which there are plenty.

I even find time to sit down and write, I am even thinking of getting back to writing another book, I have started two or three over the last couple of years but never got realy going on any of them, we shall see!

Managed to get a picture of a Jay as it exited an oak tree with an acorn in its mouth, this type of shot is almost entirely luck as I could never know which direction it would leave the tree in, as it happened it flew straight at me low and fast. I had the camera on half zoom so I could get it in picture and focus it all in one go.jay-in-filight-with-food-2-e


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