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October 17, 2016

There has been a lot of press coverage this week about the fact that 2 in ten people live in poor or very poor housing, well that is no surprise to me. I am old enough to remember the years after the second world war when each town and village throughout the country was given the order to build houses. Not for the rich and famous but for ordinary people this was met with an amazing effort. Houses were built at a tremendous pace. You can still see many of them today. We used to call them Cornish units but I expect each part of the country had their own name for them they were prefabricated and built to last for 10 to 5 years in which time better housing would catch up and they would be replaced.They were not sold to people they were rented out and called council houses. Everyone who had one was proud to have a house even if they did not own it , the rent was set at a fair rate and they were in there for life if they wished. If they became better off then they could go out and buy a house and the council house they vacated was let to the next family on the list. The system worked extremely well until the squeeze was put on councils to cut back on building more council houses. The impetus  to build slowed down and the enthusiasm to build was lost.

Then years later when you would think things were bad enough in the housing arena we elected a PM who thought that everyone should own their own house. Only a wealthy mindless person would come up with an idea like that!  The great sell off was on its way. Council houses were sold off, not at the market value but at a very much knocked down price. To make matters worse the PM would not allow the money from the sale of the houses to be used to build new houses to replace the stock of council houses  but kept in reserve for a rainy day. Well the rainy day came and the money went. Today we have councils who cannot afford to build council houses and the lists of people in desperate need of housing grows longer.

The racket of buy to rent has become the norm with rich getting richer and those concerned people who wish to help are unable to homeless well still homeless!!

If the councils were given enough freedom to build council houses and every village and small town in the country were made to  built say ten houses to let, we could in just a few years, reduce the problem to a manageable level.





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