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October 20, 2016

I have been retired for quite a while now probably about 7 years but the odd thing is it is only now that my wife Julie has started work that I feel that I am truly retired. While she spent so much time at University and the last couple of years looking for a decent job I did not have this feeling.

Being retired now means that I can get up when I like take the dog out when I like and write my letters at my own pace even do the blog, or not, whenever I like. I can watch the TV or not and I can go into town if I wish, then again can’t be bothered as I don’t have to.

Maybe it is the prospect of Julie having a decent income that is the difference but then no I don’t think so! Whatever it is I think I am going to enjoy it, I felt like getting out early this morning and was on our walk by 8.30 . The dog and I had a long walk and stood by the river Rosie had a swim and I looked for any bird activity of which there was very little and I found myself thinking just how pleasant this was. Then I thought about an old friend who passed away yesterday and wished I we had had a chance to get together once again as I had not seen him for years. Well you don’t do you ? if one of you lives in Somerset and the other in Yorkshire it is not easy to say lets meet up somewhere just for a chat. Well we didn’t and that is all I can say about it but it has not stopped me thinking! One of life’s strange happenings, well to me it is strange. Why is it that we can travel from one end of the country to the other when a relative or close friend dies to attend the funeral, but we don’t go and see them when they are alive or can’t even pick up the phone and say hello until it is too late.

Now that is an idea. I will make a new year resolution to start contacting my family and friends and go and visit people! Bet you a pound to a pinch of xxxx they will think I am really acting strange!   It reminds me of  the last time I told an old friend that I was coming to visit him and his wife. I was quite looking forward to seeing them again but when I arrived at the house they were not there it was all locked up. Strange I thought. A neighbour was pottering in the garden and I asked if she knew where they were were and she said they had gone off to Falmouth for the day!!  Well maybe they forgot!!  Surely not on purpose?  Makes you think though! Enough said strange people the Cornish!

Now I have lost track of what I started with. That’s what being retired does for you!!

Never mind I will do it tomorrow I have all the time in the world, well maybe!!






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