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December 18, 2016

I have always enjoyed Charles Dickens’s  “Christmas Carol”  in book form and different films over the years and last night I thought I might watch the animated version on TV.

This is a surprisingly good version of the story has stuck to the plot as in the book. It was not long into the film that I had the realisation that the predicament of the working people in England in Victorian times was just no different than it is today. After 150 years of progress in improving workers rights and the fight by ordinary people for a decent living  it is obvious that there has not actually been any progress at all.

Then we had employers exploiting their staff to satisfy their own greed and making huge profits and today we have employers exploiting their staff for their own and shareholders greed. We have a government that is incapable of doing anything except blame others be it the Labour party or the workers or outside forces for the problem and have no idea how to proceed. The only answer they can see is cut spending and hope that everything will work out in the end.

The introduction of the living wage was a great idea brought in to improve the lot of low paid workers but unfortunately this has been exploited by many companies and employers who consider it not the minimum they should pay but the maximum. This has resulted in workers who might have enjoyed a pay rise being held back to the minimum by unscrupulous bosses who use the minimum wage as a way to increase their own profits. Our government are complicit in this arrangement because they feel that they have done the poor a great service.

Over the years it has become obvious to me that a well paid, happy staff assist in a company making more profit where a poorly paid unhappy staff who could not give a toss if the company struggles do nothing more than go to work. Why then would you want to exploit your workers?

The same old story the poor get poorer and the rich get richer!!




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